The best results come from simple steps. We have 4.

Getting ideas sorted.


Rough measurements, along with Quartz thickness, edge and design details are all used to come up with an accurate quote. Our experienced staff do all they can to reply to your dealer's request within the day.




Accuracy Counts.


We use digital templating software to ensure the accuracy of your new Cambria Quartz. We regularly meet with designers and homeowners on site to discuss final details such as overhangs, edge profiles, and seam placement.



Digital Drawings.


Photos taken of your space are processed to create a Computer Automated Drawing that is used for labeling edges, dimensioning and making the final layout for your custom Cambria Quartz top. Drawings are then sent to your dealer for approval.





Dreams do come true.


A team of skilled installers will arrive to install your Cambria tops. All measures are taken to keep your home clean and tidy throughout the install. QuartzCo installers are trained to install your Cambria Quartz to the highest standards. In the end, we will leave your custom space everything you hoped it would be.